1940s when Daniel Carasso, the son of Danone founder Isaac, and Juan Metzger took over a small yogurt factory in the Bronx, New York — the company is now called Dannon in the United States. So, Danone first entered into USA by buying out a company.

Most of the time for Majority of the Yogurt related products it follows Standardization of the product but also adapting to the market depending on the need. For example, most of the time sugars are not allowed and should be replaced by corn syrup.

In the United States company’s products are branded as Danone…


Virgin Group is a British Multinational Venture capital founded by Richard Branson and Nik Powell in Feb 1970. At present the CEO of the company is Josh Bayliss. Virgin Group has its headquarters at The Battleship Building in the PADDINGTON district of the CITY OF WESTMINISTER. Virgin company has its wings worldwide, 60 companies in 35 countries. The total revenue of the company is €19.5 billion. As per data, total headcount of the employees is 71000.

Virgin Copter is the latest unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle technology pioneered by Virgin group equipped with state-of-the-art AI with deep learning and machine…

Bokka Siddardha

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