Virgin Group is a British Multinational Venture capital founded by Richard Branson and Nik Powell in Feb 1970. At present the CEO of the company is Josh Bayliss. Virgin Group has its headquarters at The Battleship Building in the PADDINGTON district of the CITY OF WESTMINISTER. Virgin company has its wings worldwide, 60 companies in 35 countries. The total revenue of the company is €19.5 billion. As per data, total headcount of the employees is 71000.

Virgin Copter is the latest unmanned autonomous aerial vehicle technology pioneered by Virgin group equipped with state-of-the-art AI with deep learning and machine learning capabilities for various purposes. It is also equipped with Optical Image recognition in real time along with various sensors depending on the use case. Several safety protocols and fall-back procedures have been meticulously tested and employed for the safety of the passengers.


  1. Traditional means of transport in big cities is often highly stagnated.
  2. Cost of new infrastructure for new roads or extension of old ones in crowded cities is extremely high and sometimes impossible.
  3. Every year every country loses billions of dollars due to traffic jams.
  4. Sometimes driving long distances can cause huge fatigue and can be a stress inducing thing.
  5. In USA on an average people lose around 100 hours in a year for work commute.
  6. On an average 3287 people die in road accidents every day in the world, that is 1.3 million people every year.
  7. It is very difficult and often outright impossible for people living in rural or remote areas to get timely medical help.
  8. Taking to the skies for daily commute had been dream for many people since ages.
  9. Immediate and timely medical attention through autonomous medical aid delivery to remote areas.
  10. Even with the added convenience of calling an UBER to your place we often spend long times explaining our address to the driver of the cab.
  11. For tourism, when we are taking short tours of multiple places, we sometimes must sacrifice visiting some places due to them being far from place or stay or difficult to reach them with regular transport.
  12. Rescuing people in conditions difficult for humans to approach like irradiated environments, high or low temperature areas.
  13. Search and rescue operations using Optical Image Recognition to find marooned persons in marine world.
  14. Time based fertilizer or pesticide distribution for farmlands.

Concept One: Transportation


We see the world in three dimensions but why cannot we use it as effectively for transportation. If only we had something that can make full use of this untapped potential (air), so that we can say goodbye to long traffic jams and frustration of missing the bus/train.


With the introduction of our very own VIRGIN-COPTER, we are going to redefine the way you travel in a way which has not been seen since the end of the second industrial age.


Air commute is three dimensional, so if you see someone in your way you can always quite literally go over them. Highest levels of comfort and safety with autonomous travel controlled by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence with 0.04 fatality risk for every 100000 which is 350 times lower than fatality risk when driven by humans.



We now know, we have the medical expertise to save lives in emergency situations but reaching those remote or crowded areas through regular means of transportation and administrating medical aid to the those in need in most cases turns out to be a little or too late.


We can cut short the medical aid to be delivered the needy by at least half if not more.

In case of emergencies The Emergency service personnel will be at your doorstep before it is too late.


We can make pinpoint accurate deliver of medical aid to those in emergency situations swiftly with very low to zero delay since the time the request has been made. In case the person needs immediate human medical assistance, it is possible to fly in paramedics through the virgin copter to the site and providing first aid. Upon the administration of which he can be flown back to nearest emergency service center upon the fully equipped copter with emergency medical equipment as in any ambulance for further medical assistance.

Similarly, during emergencies like gas leak or electric short circuit or other similar emergencies first response personnel will be immediately dispatched to contain the said emergency before it escalates.



Every year hundreds of precious human lives are lost in the line of duty due to IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) and during deployment and retrieval of our armed forces in enemy territory.


We can identify most of the threats before they can inflict damage upon and can have various counter measures in place to effectively circumvent or destroy them.


Until now UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology is only limited to drones and modified small planes but never for troop transport. By equipping our copter with cloaking and advanced RADAR and LIDAR detectors and due to its relatively smaller foot print we can stealthily deploy and retrieve our troops from hot zones with maximum efficiency and minimum loss of life.


We had some general questions probed to the public in the form of SURVEY regarding our new autonomous flying vehicle. Our survey was answered by the people from various age categories, among that 66% are below the age of 30 and the rest are above 30.

Our focus group comprised of 64% male and 36% of females.

The responses from public are quite interesting. We had received responses from people of china, Saudi Arabia, India and France.

The following is a brief summary in quantified manner from the focus group.

Ø Do you know about virgin company? and How well do you know the Virgin Company?

For the above question we were quite surprised to know that nearly 70% of the survey group has an idea about virgin group while rest have yet to know about It. Which demonstrates that virgin group is well known internationally even in countries which we had little to know presence in them directly.

Ø In which sector do you think we can implement Driver-less copters?

Most of our focus group believed that driver-less copters are best utilised in (50%) Medical or Emergency services and the remaining 50% is shared among Military services (10%), Transport (20%) and others (10%).

Ø To what extent you look forward to seeing autonomous flying of virgin copter as the future in transportation?

From the above survey, it clearly states that 91.7% of response is for 8 and above.

Ø what do you think about using aerial transport for everyday transit?

Surprisingly, we got 90% response in a positive way which paved way for our autonomous flying vehicle Virgin copter.

We also probed interesting questions to the public and the response was in very good way.

We are expecting people to aim for the higher fare numbers as is done for any new groundbreaking technology when first introduced but we are pleasantly surprised that they have estimated a more modest number.

We are pleasantly surprised by the faith they have shown in our virgin group by the fact that most people choose to trust the safety of kids with us.


We have arrived at two best choices out of the many we had worked out by interviewing people from various demographics, estimating the market potential brand positioning and the brand image we currently enjoy among the public. We had minimized the possible concepts to two and not just one as doing so will be doing injustice to the other one as both showed great potential and shared good public sentiment.


Most of our consumers had identified this field as the sector in which they wish autonomous copter can be employed.

Presently in developing countries and crowded urban environments it takes anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to cover 3–5 Kms due to traffic. With the implementation of Virgin copter in the medical services, help can give to the people in distress in less than 10 minutes as there will be no traffic in the air.

Furthermore, during national calamities or the break of pandemics emergency medical aid can be supplied to the farthest and remotest regions of land.

Medical Evacuation (Medevac) is no longer a distant possibility for most of the population in remote areas who during medical emergencies or for normal checkups must travel hours or days through some of the harshest terrains just to get basic medical help.

With the increased maneuverability and ease of transport of the Virgin copter it can land in the bare minimum of spaces to pick up patients whether they are at an urban crash site, at home or in remote rural areas.

During strokes and heart attacks, people sometimes get symptoms early that the impending medical emergency but by the time they call an ambulance, and it arrives and taken to the nearest emergency medical unit it will already be too late in most cases. With our virgin-copters SOS system if any person sends a SOS, the nearest Medical ambulance copter or any normal transportation copter whichever is nearest will immediately land at his nearest possible place and send an intimation for quick evacuation of the person to the nearest hospital.

In case the person does not respond within a stipulated time due to our connected network of first and last mile service with various ground services like UBER etc. will be notified such they can reach and check up on the person personally.

In case of other emergencies like gas leaks, break ins short circuits, etc. appropriate emergency response team will be flown to the location to contain the situation and try to contain the situation before ground teams can arrive.

As in most cases of fires if dealt immediately it can be contained with minimum resources thereby preventing it from getting out of control henceforth saving lots of lives and property.


Transportation is one of our main areas of expertise. We had several decades of experience in serving the public with our own taste of Virgin group.

Regarding this we enjoy a unique brand positioning which is not shared by any other company. Several tried but none matched.

Keeping up with the above sentiment we redefined the way you commute every day to work or leisure or whatever place you can think.

With our state-of-the-art VIRGIN-COPTER equipped with all comforts and sacrificing not even one of safety features.

With established collaborations with various companies like UBER etc. we are proud to provide with truly first to last mile transportation system within least amount of time for commute so that your time is better utilized.

Make no mistake we had spared no expense or thought in making however short your journey is and transforming into one of comfort and memorable. Gone are the days of dreaded frustration and long hours spent in stressful traffic jams. With just a tap on our app on your mobile you will be directed to our nearest pick-up site or a cab will arrive at your doorstep to pick you up and drop you at the nearest landing site for our copter.

When you had arrived at the landing site of your destination a cab will already be waiting for you to drop you at your destination.

We had equipped the copter to the brim with cutting edge technology.

Every aspect of the technology is meticulously tested for long periods of time and millions of hours of simulations are run on super computers for all eventualities and thousands of hours of actual flight time had been recorded by the system to develop deep learning algorithms. Several runs have also been made in cities with several copters constantly talking with each other to gather data and continuously updated with machine learning.

The copter is fully certified Level 5 autonomous system capable of making the most complex of decisions under the most trying situations all so that you can travel without every worrying about the safety of it. Several safety protocols and fall back procedures have been inbuilt in case of emergencies. Every copter is equipped with an additional safety battery pack in case of emergencies capable of extending the flight time by further 30 minutes.

Tremendous security firewalls are employed to counter the threat of cyber-attacks on it.

All this while making the ride most comfortable than any car, bus, train or flight you can think of. Within a span of 5 years, we are going to revolutionize the way you travel. Do not be surprised if you find a landing site for our copter as an essential part of every home or office like a TV, Heating etc.


With our advanced autonomous copters, we are redefining the way you travel, the way how emergencies are dealt with and the ensuring unprecedented safety for our troops behind enemy lines.

We have not just imagined the future in which every passenger can travel with comfort and ease of mind swiftly from one place to another irrespective of traffic conditions, an emergency where u do not need to lose precious seconds before help arrives, lose our precious humans’ life to enemy attacks. We are SHAPING it.

This was all possible due to enormous trust the consumers had put in us to truly redefine and shape the future.

There is a saying that THE SKY IS THE LIMIT, with our copter and the frustrated and eagerly waiting consumers who are yearning for a new and effective means of transportation, we are going to break our limits and let us all go into a future which is safe, comfortable and exciting.